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Kwikstage Shoring & Scaffolding

Kwikstage Shoring


  • Modular System. Quick and easy to erect.
  • Horizontal Shoring Ties with quick acting positive wedge fitting. Holes in cast ends provide automatic node point location for Trigger Brace.
  • Diagonal member Trigger Brace connect to Shoring Ties enabling bracing in all directions. Spring loaded trigger provides quick connection.
  • 3 sizes of Upright Standards.

  • 190mm wide Adjustable U'Heads (min adj 135mm Max adj 655mm)
  • 1.2mtr & 1.8mtr Shoring Ties
  • 1.2mtr & 1.8mtr Bay Trigger Brace
  • 6 Tonne Adjustable Bases
  • 6' 6" (nominal 2.0mtr) Standard & O.E Upright
  • 4'10" (nominal 1.5mtr) O.E.Upright
  • 3' 3" (nominal 1.0mtr) O.E.Upright

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