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Meva EcoAs Panel System

Manhandled Panels

  Features Benifits
  • Panel Heights 1600mm & 1200mm
  • Widths 250mm to 800mm
  • Vertical & Horizontal application
  • Projection less than always 200mm
  • Reduction of Filler areas
  • Easy adaption to layout
  • 90° Inside & Outside corners
  • Adjustable hinged corners
  • Form all corners with standard
  • 1200 x 800 Panel weighs 33kg
  • Easy application by hand
Concrete Pressure
  • Adm load capacity 50kN/m²
  • Pour to panel height at any pour
Multifunction Profile
  • Practical multi-function profile with weld in 15mm Dywidag thread nuts
  • Easy attachment of accessories
    such as Alignment Rails, Braces,
    Scaffolding Brackets etc.
Tie Holes
  • 2no Tie holes per panel height and central tie hole when horizontal
  • Fast forming of small walls and
Alkus Plastic
  • No swelling or shrinkage caused by moisture penetration
  • No change in dimensions due to
  • moisture.
  • No rotting or fungal decay
  • Built in flush with Panel frame
  • Giving consistent even finish
  • Screwable and nailable
  • Can be treated like plywood
  • Smooth plastic face
  • Gives consisten
Panel Dimensions EcoAs Panel System Panel System - Diagram

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