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Formwork, Falsework & Temporary Propping
Leeds Acro supply 2 Formwork Panel Systems

1. Meva EcoAs man handled Panels.
2. Meva Mammut Large Crane handled Panels.

Both these Panel systems come complete with Alkus all Plastic Faces

Alkus Panel System - All plastic three material construction

The alkus-sheet is a patented plastic-composite-construction.

The so called Sandwich-panel solely consists of polypropylene and aluminium or fibres, and it features all the advantages of the polypropylene material. As no wood is used all the known disadvantages of this material are abandoned.

The product range

Our Mammoth & Ecoas Panels are all complete with this Alkus sheet. 17mm thick for the Ecoas Panel. 20mm or 23mm thick for the Mammoth Panels.

Alkus Panel System - 7 year warrantly on all-plastic facing


The Alkus sheet is as nailable as plywood, however there is no chipping off of the face veneer as with ply. Nail pull out strength remains comparable.

Moisture penetration of plywood would lead to changes in dimensions and bearing capacity reduction. With Alkus there is no swelling or shrinkage as water cannot penetrate the Panel. Also no decay due to rotting. This keeps the sizes and capacity values constant.

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